Want to create a custom, limited edition shirt for your people?

Choice of shirt can say a lot about you as an individual (“I’m laid-back”. “I’m super-suave”. “I’m a sexy fish”), but shirts, when worn together as a team can also say a lot about what your crew represents (“We’re cool”. “We’re nonchalant”. “We’re good at Excel macros”).

You can customise either our Original Slim Cut Shirt or our more relaxed (and unisex)  Cubano Cut Shirt.

The Process

Other stuff

Minimum Quantity is 25 Shirts per style (e.g. 25 shirts in Cubano printed with a green french frogs design in a range of sizes).

Design - we can get one of our designers to create a design for you, just let us know if you want this (along with any inspiration you're digging) and we can include in our quote. 

Samples are available upon request. 

Shall we chat? Submit a form or call our creative team on 0403 946 975.. 

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Partnering with MR. KOYA

If you’ve ended up here, you’re either keen to team up with MR. KOYA for some kind of symbiotic business mind-meld, or you’ve been using your forehead to randomly click links on the internet for days on end. 

We’re here to help either way! 

MR. KOYA has partnered with a number of brands, charities, and businesses over the past few years; creating limited edition shirts and tailored designs for brands, organising fashion-focused events, and raising awareness for charitable causes with celebrations of love and colour. 

 We’re eager to see how MR. KOYA can help your team or event, so if you’re looking for some expertise in the world of button-ups, please get in touch.

Our Factory

Recent Collabs

Defected Records

One of the most iconic independent record labels of all time have quite possibly the greatest love ethos around - "in our house, we are all equal". 

Portsea Hotel

The most picturesque hotel on the Mornington Peninsula is the the go-to place for a weekend lunch session to recharge and drink in the crisp, salt air. 

Planet Broadcasting

Australia's Largest Independent Podcast Network and the team behind the insanely popular The Weekly Planet & Mr Sunday Movies Podcasts.

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