Behind The Shirt

 Our Factory


Creating a MR. KOYA shirt just ain't like making lemonade.

After we’ve curated the final designs for production here in Melbourne, they're sent off to our carefully selected manufacturer.

By stroke of heavenly luck (and months of research, legwork and interviews), we found our partners in Yiwu, China - just over 3 hours south-west of Shanghai.

It’s here you’ll find Chinese, Europeans, Arabs, Jews, Africans, and Asians sharing in a rich tapestry of languages, markets, and colours. A global Mecca for textile production with all the advantages and challenges that brings.


MR. KOYA would be a depraved empty shell of a man were he without the farmers who supply us with cotton, the digital textile printers who ensure the fabric is exactly as we envisaged it & the legendary shirt makers who measure, grade, cut, sew, button, fasten, review, iron, fold, pack, and review meticulously yet again every single millimetre of these delicious shirts.

Pure. Wearable. Art 

Our team use 50-single yarn thread cotton – the weight of the fabric - across all of our shirts so that they feel lighter, finer & softer than a lions mane. (We lost two social media interns testing that). 


Generally speaking, Earth is a cool place to live. Mars – not so much. 

Given the true environmental cost of the global fashion industry - we have goals to eliminate any part our shirts play in the mess.

We know our customers expect more, and we promise to keep you updated with our research & progress.

Know this though – if you’re one of those over-consumers who buys a shirt to only wear it once – we’ll find you & we’ll eat you.

Just kidding...but seriously. 

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